Wednesday, June 16, 2010

September 8, 2124, 08:43

Distress Call from Personal Identification Card #48-4921-9954:

My name’s Sara Kingston.  If anyone can hear me, for God’s sake help us.  We’re stuck in a rail tunnel, somewhere around C-23 of New Washington.  Most of us got out of the train, but it sounds like a lot of people are hurt pretty bad.  I don’t know what’s going on.  The security lights stopped working, so I can’t see anything.  At first I thought the shaking was from that space shuttle leaving, but it just keeps getting worse.  I’ve never been in an earthquake this bad before.  Please help me.  Oh God, why couldn’t I have been on that shuttle with him?  Can anybody hear me!  Wait, Nathan, come back…[screams in the distance]…What’s hap[pening?  Wha]t’s that noise?  I didn’t think anything like this could happen again.  President Drake [promised] us.  Things were supp[osed to] get better.  [speech unintelligible due to interference]  Isn’t there anyone out there that can help us?  Dad, I’m so s[orry] [transmission ended]


  1. Seriously Andrew these are awesome!!!

  2. Thanks Erin. I've been slacking, but I'm going to get back into it after October. Stay tuned :)